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apple watch series 0 vs series 1

The Apple Watch is now a popular fashion item and also an effective health and fitness tool. However, given the variety of models and generations available, choosing the right Apple Watch could be challenging. This guide explains the Apple Watch in a historical context and discusses the top features of Series 0 and Series 1 so that you can choose which one is perfect for you.

apple watch series 0 vs series 1

Design and Build:

The iconic design of the Apple Watch set the tone for the device early on, and it has stayed lovely over the years. However, was the first Series 0 the precursor of a performance dimension without errors, or was the Series 1, which introduced the main improvements, the key upgrading? A take would be on the physical design, quality materials, and durability of the first Apple Watch models through this article.

Familiar Form: Similarities in Design:

Just like the original Series 0 and Series 1, the line features a now-famous rectangular watch face with a distinctive rounded square design. They share the same display size (38mm and 42mm options) and feature the same two physical buttons: a digital crown for navigation and a side button that can perform many activities. This familiar design language will remain a trademark of the Apple Watches, delivering the right portion of comfort and everything sleek.

Subtle Shifts: Material and Durability

As the general scheme was the same, there was a variation in the materials used between the two situations. The Series 0 offered two main case options: sporty ion-fortified glass or premium case with sapphire crystal glass, which is better protective against scratches. Series 1 was designed with an ion-strengthened glass throughout. Both components are made of good materials for daily use. However, the sapphire crystal gives an additional protective layer against scratches, which is more important to those with a busy life.

Evolution, Not Revolution: Design Upgrades in Series 1

The Series 1 introduced a notable design upgrade: a brighter screen. This development meant that readability was so much better specifically outdoors in sunlight. Although the form factor was not changed, display enhancements demonstrate Apple’s ambition to redefine the user experience with each successor.

Choosing Your Design Preference

The question of which model to choose between Series 0 and Series 1 comes down to your taste and the budget you have available. In case a vibrant display is your top priority, Series 1 is the best choice. On the other hand, if you buy a case that is much more resistant to scratches and you find a deal, Series 0 could be a good offer in terms of design and functionality.

Performance and Hardware:

The Apple Watch is not just a fashion accessory but a tiny computer strapped on your wrist. The question now is: should the achievements of the early cars be judged using today’s standards? Now, we will delve into the different kinds of processors, RAM, and storage, and how they affect the end users.

Speed Upgrade: Processor Boost in Series 1

The upgrade proved to be the reason that app launch, response rate, and responsiveness in general are improved. Although not to the level of the newest Apple Watches in terms of processing power, the S1P processor in the Series 1 is capable enough for rendering basic apps and fitness tracking functions.

Series 1 introduced a big difference in processing capabilities from Series 0. It featured the Z1 processor instead of the S1 chip used in the first version.

This Memory Matters: RAM and Storage Considerations

Both versions, Series 0 and Series 1, were shipped with 512MB of RAM which was enough for the bare minimum of applications delivered. However, storage capacity differed. The Series 0 was only 8GB, and it could be trouble in terms of application number. Series 1 also brought double the size of its predecessor to 16GB of internal storage for apps and music. Although storage space got much bigger on newer editions, 16 GB in the first Series can be sufficient for the essential apps and music tracks, mainly for occasional use.

A Smoother Experience: Impact on User Experience

The performance excellence in Series 1 translates to a better user experience. With the super-fast processors, applications open in a blink of an eye. Therefore, you will no longer be bogged down by sluggish interactions. Although the Series 0 is just fine for regular duties, the Series 1 improves on responsiveness.

Choosing for Performance

Since a seamless and swift user experience is key, Series 1 is a more substantial choice. The processor plays a noticeable role in daily usage with more upgrades. Nevertheless, if you’re going on a tight budget and can live with the somewhat slower app loading times, Series 0 could fulfill your basic needs.

Software and Compatibility:

The software loading your Apple Watch is just as consequential as the hardware. However, iOS versions are updated with each release of watchOS, so can the Series 0 and Series 1 hold their own in the context of software compatibility and app performance? Let’s figure out the software updates and find out which one provides better long-term support.

Farewell to Future Updates: Limited Compatibility for Series 0

Sadly, these are the times for the Series 0 to update software. However, Apple does not give official watchOS updates for the first Apple Watch anymore. So, you’ll be forced to come up with the final watchOS it received was the watchOS 4. 3. 2. Even though the essential parts of the software will continue to work, you will not be able to access the newer add-ons, security patches and compatibility of apps originating from later versions of watchOS.

A Bit Longer to Go: Series 1’s Limited Software Window

Updating Series 1 took longer than Series 0. But it also exhausted its software support with the release of watchOS 6. 2. 8. Even though there will not be the absolute latest watchOS program accessible to you, you will have some security updates and a wider range of app compatibility compared to the Series 0.

App Performance and Responsiveness: A Potential Slowdown

For Series 0 and Series 1, app performance might be slower after the release of watchOS versions or apps that are optimized for newer hardware. Basic apps might still work fine, but complex apps or those who need faster processing power might feel slow.

Choosing for Software Support

If updates about new features and security patches are what you are into, Series 0 or Series 1 might not be the best picks. On the other hand, if affordability is your priority and you are satisfied with the basic smartwatch experience, the Series 1 lasts for a longer time compared to the Series 0.

Battery Life and Charging:

A smartwatch is smart only if it lasts throughout the day. However, what are the battery life and charging efficiency of the first two Apple watch models: the Series 0 and Series 1? Now let’s go over their capabilities and how they work in practical applications.

Marginal Gains: Battery Life in Series 0 vs. Series 1

The Series 0 and Series 1 models have comparable battery life according to Apple, which is around “up to 18 hours” when fully charged overnight. This time could include checking the time, receiving notifications, using some apps for a very short time, and one workout. Real-life battery life depends on the degree of usage.

Charging Efficiency: No Significant Differences

Series 0 and Series 1 employ the same magnetic charging cable. Nowadays, the newer Apple watches have faster charging features, but both previous models use ordinary charging speeds. It usually takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge.

Putting it to the Test: Real-World Usage and Practicality

When it comes to their battery lifespan, both Series 0 and Series 1 can easily last you a whole day with a set of features like notifications, app usage, and occasional fitness tracking. However, GPS use, no cellular connectivity (as in series 0), and long workouts can quickly deplete the battery.

Choosing for Battery Life

If you choose a smartwatch that will last a full day with moderate use, charge it as often, and can live with that, then the series 0 or 1 might be enough for you. On the other hand, if battery life is the main issue, especially for users who are actively using it, choose newer Apple Watch models that are famous for their upgraded battery performance.

Price and Value Proposition:

The Apple Watch blends style and functionality, but its price depends on the model, as we can see. In this blog post, we’ll address the difference in pricing of early Series 0 and Series 1 models, and analyze the value behind each one, to help you make an informed choice if it fits into your budget and needs.

The Budget-Friendly Option: Series 0 and its Price Point

Series 0, which is seen as the original version of the Apple Watch, can be purchased at a much lower price compared to the Series 1. These low prices frequently are found in second-hand marketplaces or at retail stores with clearance sales for older stock. For money-saving buyers, the Series 0 stands as a perfect step in the door into the Apple Watch genre.

Justifying the Upgrade: Value-Added Features in Series 1

Series 1 with its higher than Series 0 price offers slight yet very important improvements. The built-in GPS is the most impressive here, as it makes tracking workouts and outdoor activities more accurate. Moreover, the Series 1 features a brighter display that is visible even under bright sunshine. These upgrades lead to a better user experience, mostly for gym lovers.

Making an Informed Decision for Budget Buyers

If your goal is to save money to the maximum and are satisfied with the minimum functions for understanding notifications, time, and basic fitness monitoring, Series 0 could be your option when there is a good deal in the market. Nonetheless, the inclusion of a built-in GPS and a brighter display may be worth paying the additional price for the Series 1 if such features are vital for your active lifestyle.

Additional Considerations

While it may be attractive at first, the fact that series 0 is no longer eligible for software updates should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, you will not have access to new features, security patches, and possible compatibility improvements for corresponding apps. While the Series 1 is a little newer than the Series 0 and therefore will be covered by software updates for longer, they will both cease to be updated at the same stage.

Closing Remark:

The Apple watch commonly brands modern technology among us. On the other hand, figuring out which model to buy is tricky, especially if it’s an older one like Series 0 and Series 1. This guide outlines the main features of both models to help you choose the one that will fit you best.


There are following FAQs are;

Q1: Is the Apple Watch Series 0 worth buying even after years of its release?

The watch Series 0 just might be a good match for those who are running on a shoestring budget and are only concerned about the basics such as notifications, timekeeping, and limited fitness tracking. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it no longer gets software updates ipso facto which can affect security and real-time app compatibility.

Q2: What is the top benefit of Series 1 over Series 0?

The Series 1 provides a dimmer display for better readability, GPS built-in for exact exercise monitoring, and twice the memory capacity (16 GB) compared to the Series 0 (8GB). Furthermore, it received software upgrades for a longer time compared to other models.

Q3: Should the display be brighter and GPS as the top priority or should I get a used Apple watch?

Should you intend to use your Apple Watch during outdoor activities or for fitness monitoring, the built-in GPS is a feature that will be helpful for you in Series 1. Moreover, a brighter display further enhances the readability, especially in daylight. That is why you should examine these features while choosing between Series 0 and Series 1 that are used.

Q5: Suppose that I require cellular services on my Apple watch.

Neither the 0 series nor the 1 series offers cellular connectivity. If cellular connectivity on your Apple Watch is of prime significance, select new Apple Watch models with cellular capability.

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